Scott Walton

Name: Scott Walton

Location: Northwest Florida

Description: I live in Florida but grew up in Ohio where I earned a Photography degree from the Ohio State University and spent ten years at a commercial photography studio. Working there provided a mixture of assignments including portraiture, advertising, product, architectural and forensic and the opportunity to photograph a few celebrities from the worlds of politics and entertainment. While this type of work is fun and exciting, my primary interest has been the personal, creative, ‘assignment from within’. I’ve used 4×5 large format cameras since the mid 1980’s and love the clarity and detail captured in the large film as well as the unique focus and perspective control of the image which only a view camera allows.

I make images that mean something to me and if I’m lucky, to others also. Subject matter is usually the natural scene; landscapes and details in nature. I love the outdoors and would be hiking, biking, skiing, climbing and exploring even if I wasn’t a photographer. As a kid I loved walking on trails in the woods. I was fascinated with the narrow paths that led somewhere; I guess I’m still following them.

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