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The Virtues of an Analog Stopwatch

It’s best to keep things simple when working with a large format camera. Over the years I’ve developed a ritual of sorts when working in the field. As Alan Brock mentioned in an earlier post, one such ritual is test firing the shutter before pulling the darkslide. If the shutter is cocked and still doesn’t […]

The Ultimate App: A Photographer’s Notebook

View cameras are simple, do not require batteries, and working with this medium allows the photographer to step outside the obsolescence cycle of digital imaging. That’s one of the things I love about large format. This isn’t to say that I’m opposed to technology — a look at my video kit will show how I […]

A Simple and Effective Ground Tether

As Alex Burke mentioned in last month’s blog post, setting up a view camera in the dark is an enormous challenge. The image on the ground glass is incredibly dim, and it is nearly impossible to see the composition. Back in 2010, I developed an incredibly simple solution to this problem. Rather than trying to […]